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Nothing feels better than enhancing your natural beauty with proven beauty products! That's exactly why Frankly Good is here with its innocuous but also locally relevant ingredients. We will talk about them frankly, equally emphasizing the importance of natural as well as lab-made ingredients. Our products are made in Croatia. Anything that is harmful or redundant is not on our ingredients list. What is useful for you should not harm the environment – that's why we take care of the sustainability of the ingredients. Very early in her life, while growing up in Istria among her family's olive groves and vineyards, Franka became aware of the benefits that olives, grapes, Istrian medicinal plants and goat milk bring. Franka personally tested all Frankly Good products; she participated in their creation and today they are part of her daily skin care routine.

We want to promote the lifestyle rooted in the belief that beauty stems from healthy habits and routines. Some of them are related to our products, but some derive only from one's lifestyle - where we would like to inspire and encourage change. We promote all the basic prerequisites of beauty, which we complement and stimulate with our products. We are proud of the fact that our products are made in Croatia and they are natural, so you get comprehensive care and cosmetics with all the good things that come from nature and science. Our cosmetics is not tested on animals, it is gentle on your skin, parabens- and gluten-free.

By all means, we are. And we want you to help us take care of nature and the environment,from where we draw harmless, effective and proven ingredients that are locally relevant and available in Istria and Croatia. Let's protect our planet! Please, collect materials that would otherwise be thrown away as garbage, so that they can be turned into new products. When working on our packaging, we try to use as many materials as possible that preserve our nature to the greatest extent! Gradually, we will try to reduce non-recyclable materials to a minimum!

We always suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter in order to be the first to know when the products become available again, as well as to be informed about our new products, promotions and news. Limited edition products are clearly marked. Once they are out of stock, they will not become available again.

No, we don’t test our products on animals. And we are strongly against such practice! Moreover, our long-term goal is to help animals, especially Istrian goats, whose number is diminishing.

We strive to make our products as natural as possible. However, it is far more important that the ingredients they contain are effective and safe for you. We believe in products that are useful and good for us, wherever they come from. We took the good and useful from both worlds! As the ambassadors of proven ingredients, we create preparative and decorative cosmetics that preserve the natural skin’s pH and barrier.

Unfortunately, we don't have testing samples, as we aim to minimize the generation of large amounts of waste and plastic left behind by them.

Payment and delivery

- Card payment (debit/credit cards)
- Payment to the account (by general payment or transfer order)
- Internet mobile banking
- In Croatia, we will soon offer payment upon receipt of the package, i.e. cash on deliveryoption

Enjoy shopping with free delivery for orders of over EUR 50 for Croatia, without additional costs, regardless of the payment method. The cost for all shipments up to EUR 50 is EUR 4. Package delivery within Croatia takes up to 7 working days, and abroad, depending on the country, 10-14 working days. Packages are delivered to your door from Monday to Friday. We provide delivery throughout Croatia, with the exception of some islands.When ordering, you have to fill in your phone number and e-mail address, so that the delivery service can contact you, should this be necessary.

You can order items from our online shop from Croatia and abroad. However, delivery time and price depend on the destination of the package.

We offer you safe and high-quality online shopping experience. With us, your purchase and data are safe and protected, and payments are secured through the WSPay platform.

No, your products will not be delivered if you haven't received an email confirmation and order number. It's possible that you may have entered an invalid or incorrect email address, or you haven't completed all the steps during the purchase. In any case, it's best to contact us at

If you wish, you can pick up your order at our address, Frankly good d.o.o., Dragutina Golika 55, Zagreb (on week days from 11 AM to 1 PM), after receiving an email confirmation with pickup details. If you do not collect the package within 7 working days from the date of the order, we will consider that you have abandoned the pickup (in this case, we do not refund the money).

Return and exchange

We often say – we always talk frankly about our ingredients and our production processes are transparent because our intentions are pure. That's why you can always contact us 24/7!

If your package is damaged during transport, save the box and the products and notify us immediately at: or  +385 (1) 2132 720. We will arrange for a delivery courier to collect and inspect the damaged package; damaged and unopened items will be replaced. For hygienic reasons, it is not possible to return an opened or used product.

E-gift card

To purchase our gift card, please select the desired amount on the card in your shopping bag. Gift card codes will be sent to the entered e-mail address after you complete the transaction. You can decide to print a personalized message or forward the gift card confirmation e-mail to the recipient. Keep in mind that you can only use the gift card for one purchase, when the entire amount has to be spent. If the amount of your purchase is smaller than the amount on your gift card, we will not be able to return the rest of the money, and you can top up the amount which exceeds the amount on the gift card. Fair, right?

Job and collaboration

We are always looking for talented and passionate people. Send us an e-mail at:

Please contact us at: or send us a DM on our Instagram page. Include your details and more detailed information on how you would like to collaborate, etc. We'll get back to you.

You still have questions?

If you are having problems with the website or you have additional questions, send us an e-mail at

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There is no better feeling than emphasizing natural beauty with beauty products of proven quality!


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